icon-01Interactive games

Signal Hill interactive produces easy accessible gameplays to make any digital outdoor campaign become an interactive game, single player or between the viewers.

icon-03See & Buy

Signal Hill interactive gives consumers the possibility to directly react on a promotion shown digitally outdoor. Besides brand awareness stimulating actual sales.

icon-03Polls & Votes

Signal Hill interactive lets people participate and shows real-time progress and results on the digital screens. Real-time auctions, Pick your favorite TV contender, Elections etc.

Case studies

Samsung Galaxy S4

For the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S4 mobile phone, Signal Hill created the first real-time interactive outdoor campagne, on one of Europe's biggest outdoor digitaal screen at the Rembrandtplein in Amsterdam. An interactive game was developed where all visitors at the Rembrandtplein could play against each other using solely their smartphone and the digital screen.

The game ‘de Troonopvolger’ (successor to the throne) was played between 2 players, who both saw there personal picture and name appear on the screen in a Samsung Galaxy S4 through a login with Facebook. The goal of the game was to catch as many crowns with your personalized Samsung Galaxy S4 and 'earn' the Samsung successor. Every day the best player of the day won a Samsung Galaxy S4.

The results were personally posted real-time on the Facebook timeline of the players and winners communicated on the main Samsung Mobile Facebook page.

Signal Hill congratulates Starcom the Netherlands with the Bronze Festival of Media Award in Rome and is proud to have been part of this great launching campaign of the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Heineken Experience

At the Heineken Experience an interactive concept was enrolled making it possible for all visitors to real-time play an interactive game against each other, solely by using 3 digital screens and their mobile phones. In this case, the game was Rock, Paper, Scissors. Challenges tackled for the Heineken Experience were their wait-management problem, increase of sales in the brand stores and optimization of the use of social media.

Visitors played a free game on the third floor of the Heineken Experience, where they have to wait for the next stage of the Experience. They won 10% discount in the brandstore shop by winning a game. The visitors logged on through Facebook, personalizing the game and it created a viral social media campaign at the same time. On average 5 out of the 10 players used the discount making this campaign a great success.


The outdoor advertising industry (out-of-home, OOH) is at the point of transformation. In the Netherlands currently 90% of all OOH advertisement is non-digital and 10% digital (DOOH), in total representing about 159 million euro (3%) of the total advertisement market. In comparison, European OOH market leader UK has over 880 million euro spend on OOH, however on average 40% of these campaigns are digital.

OOH market in the Netherlands is expected to take over the UK trend and will grow up to 200 millon euro in 2020, more importantly 20% will be DOOH. The quantity of outdoor location will become slimmer, however digitalization and impact of the locations inevitable. (Kinetic Research 2012)

Signal Hill Interactive produces interactive outdoor concepts for this upcoming market. Through innovative technology and social media we are able to create real-time interaction between mobile devices and digital screens, without the necessity of any application or download. In doing so, we give brands the opportunity to create engagement with their customers, where normally the outdoor display advertisement is mainly focused on branding. Furthermore, our campaigns go viral on social media such as Facebook.